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Utah’s first digital studio is also the most experienced. We have nearly cornered the market with our creativity. Let our experience work for you with images that put you way above your competitors. Whether it’s for your packaging and website, or just Amazon and Ebay,  we make your products look amazing. 


If your product is food, it is absolutely critical to have fantastic images. We create the mouth-watering images that your customers can taste with their eyes. We shoot SO much food, that we have a fully equipped kitchen right in the studio.

Great food photography is one of the most important investments that you can make in your business.


High tech photography is difficult for most photographers. My engineering background enables me to grasp complex processes and procedures. This enables me to create the imagery that you need to market your products.


Any way you look at it, you need images that will make you look like a national brand. Twede Photography Studio is the most experienced and most creative studio in Salt Lake City. We actually have a studio, unlike many photographers who work out of their cars, or rent space when needed. We also own a huge amount of camera and lighting equipment, which means that you won’t get stuck with a rental fee on top of the shoot fee. Our in-house stylist makes sure that your products looks absolutely perfect.


We primarily serve the Salt Lake City, Provo, and Ogden markets, but we have very happy clients all over the state of Utah and internationally. We have many accounts that will ship their products to our studio, confident that they will get exactly the images they need without having to physically be here. We conduct virtual shoots for clients that are out of our local area, and can even integrate your artwork into our software in order to ensure that the images fit your layouts.


The bottom line is that you just can’t find a more creative and productive studio, than you will find at Twede Photography Studio.

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