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An image of Brian Twede holding a Hasselblad camera
Brian Twede standing on a BMW skateboard on the Utah Bonnevile Salt Flats
Brian Twede leaning against his Pontiac Solstice roadster

creative commercial photographer

A commercial photographer with 30 years experience in digital, with my own fully-equipped studio. I have spent my career creating innovative images for clients large and small. In the '80s I was painting on film with light, creating amazing glowing images for Fortune 100 companies - way before Photoshop. Some of the most complex images would take weeks of darkroom work, and consist of hundreds of negative/positive transparency masks. In 1987, I began using computers to composite images and artwork, moving my workflow out of the darkroom.


In the 90's I was operating two studios and a custom lab. My digital business was off and running. Image compositing with Photoshop was an easy, logical extension of my darkroom effects techniques. I created custom equipment and began painting with light in the studio as well. As digital took hold of the market, I invested in the newest technology and equipment, merging my traditional techniques with the digital workflow. This new capability provided nearly unlimited expression of creativity in the studio.


Today I work with the finest medium and large format digital equipment, continuing my love affair with light. I create images with light that wraps and flows around the subject, forcing the viewer to soak in every saturated detail. I love what I do and I believe it shows in the work I do. 


I feel fortunate to be able to work in the photography industry and appreciate every assignment that I take.


GE Healthcare \ JBL \ BD Medical \ 1st Endurance \ Instafire

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